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Конференция «Платные услуги в мультисервисных сетях» состоялась
14 сентября 2006 года


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Rambler's Top100

Russian Cable Television Association and Groteck Company Series of Events on “Mass Communications Development in Russia”

October 12, 2005 «PAID SERVICES IN MULTISERVICE NETWORKS» Conference Organized by Russian Cable Television Association and Groteck Company
The Conference is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government, the Federal Agency for Mass Media and Communications, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

National television is currently at the stage of “Radical Turn” which marks rapid development of multiservice networks – the future of information sector of Russia. The Conference theme is prompted by a thorough analysis of Groteck Publishers publications, business magazines and readers’ feedback and agrees closely with global trends of the telecommunications industry development.

The Conference theme was defined more precisely on April 28, 2005 during a round table discussion between directors and chief specialists of the leading Russian multiservice networks operators. During the round table session members were nominated for election to the Organizational Committee of the Conference.

The major goals of the Conference are:

  • to determine key trends of multiservice networks technologies development and the most popular and promising paid services package based on leading companies experience
  • to facilitate relations between government (federal, regional, municipal) authorities and mass communications business and to discuss the legal activity and point of view of new ministries, federal services and agencies in charge of telecommunication field
  • to define the consolidated position of television business community on regulation issues of contemporary multichannel systems of paid television

The Conference participants will discuss the following issues:

Plenary Sessions
1. State regulation of multiservice networks operators’ activities: issues of normative basis improvement

  • Paid television services licensing: small operators’ doom
  • Process of frequency assignment and utilization
  • Standardization of broadband technologies
  • Main approaches to defining requirements on communications network development for television and radio broadcasting programs distribution
  • Building relationships between cable operators, broadcasting companies and regulatory bodies
  • Contradictions in legal and technical regulation processes of the branch
  • By-laws of the Federal Law “On Telecommunication” related to multiservice networks
  • Draft legislation of the Russian Mass Media Law sections related to multiservice information networks
  • Influence of Law «On Local Government» on investment climate in the telecommunication field
  • Draft legislation of law on paid communications services
  • Issues of state supervision in multiservice networks activities
  • Copyrights and allied rights applied to services in multiservice networks
  • Issues of process regulation division of operator and broadcasting companies’ activities in multiservice networks

2. Business models of building multiservice networks:
subscriber base growth as a top priority goal

  • Contemporary technologies and networks evolution
  • Experience of new services application and characteristics of marketing policy
  • Communication systems convergence
  • Application of multiservice networks in television companies
  • Television operators’ business protection when applying digital television technologies
  • Multimedia services business strategy
  • Multiservice and multimedia networks design experience
  • Broadband access: regional experience
  • Mobile solutions are changing business processes

Sectional Sessions
3. Technologies and projects: successful business starts with discretionary access control systems
Hall 1. Cable Multiservice NetworksHall 2. Wireless and Mobile Systems
Issues of broadcasting, telecommunications and Internet technologies convergenceDevelopment of mobile and wireless technologies
New capabilities of state-of-the-art technologies for cable operatorsMobile WiMAX
Digital television and broadband access convergence in IP networksHi-Fi access market development
Satellite networks development prospects in Russia Mobile Services Integration in traditional mass media
Video over IP development trends in Russia New technologies of EPGL, IMODL mobile operators
Building multiservice networks on the basis of cable television infrastructure Discretionary access control systems in mobile multiservice networks
discretionary access control systems

4. Multiservice digital networks:
long and hard way to turn customer into loyal client
Hall 1. Paid Services in Cable Networks Hall 2. Paid Services in Broadband Mobile Systems
Issues of content distribution systems building and regulationLegal aspects of content building and distribution
Legal aspects of content building and distributionSpecificity of multimedia services in cellular networks
Digital Technologies and the necessity of new content distribution system Mobile services planning
Issues of universal service creation in multiservice networksProfitability analysis of mobile services
Building service package of a paid television service operatorWays of content protection
Utilization of content coding systemsWays of client attraction
Stimulation of Russian content production for multichannel broadcasting systems and multiservice networksMobile services work process scenarios
Specificity of service offering in mobile multiservice networksHow to make money selling mobile content?
Television and movie archives as sources of content for multiservice networks
Development prospects of new satellite communication services and broadcasting services

5. Round Table:
summing it up and working on recommendations.
Digital multiservice networks - future of information industry in Russia.

The Conference recommendations worked out by the round table participants will be sent to all industry related ministries and departments as well as printed in Groteck Company’s business magazines.

The event will feature top-level speakers and workshop sessions to address current and future issues of paid services in multiservice networks in detail.

The Conference organizers are pleased to invite you to participate in “Paid Services in Multiservice Networks” Conference.

When: October 12, 2005
Where: JSC Telecom building – 6, 2nd Spasonalivkovsky Per., Moscow, Russia

Registration is necessary to participate in the Conference.
Registration Fee: 7000 rubles + 18% VAT
(if paid by August 15, 2005 registration fee is 5000 rubles +18% VAT)

If you have any questions about registration please do not hesitate to contact:

Barbara Mikhaylova – by phone (095) 251-6654, 251-6845 or by e-mail: mihaylovav@groteck.ru

Registered Conference participants can propose additional topics for discussion. Please write at:bc@groteck.ru

For more information about the Conference program, running new sections, speakers and application papers please contact:

Sergey Trapani – International Marketing Officer, by phone (095) 251-6654, 251-6845 or by e-mail: int@groteck.ru

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ЗАО Комкор-ТВ


Международная телевизионная сеть MUSIC BOX Group

ЗАО «Космос-ТВ» Компания 'Мультирегион'
Компания Нетвиль

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