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Конференция «Платные услуги в мультисервисных сетях» состоялась
14 сентября 2006 года


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A series of events
“The Development of Mass Communications in Russia”

September, 14, 2006
The Business Centre “Radisson SAS Slavjanskaya”, Moscow

Association of Cable TV of Russia and Groteck Company will hold

The II International Conference “Paid Services in the Multiservice Network Systems”

The conference is supported by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications

There are significant and positive changes to occur in the process of development of cablecasting in Russia. The development rate exceeds 10% per year. Russian and foreign investments to this segment of industry increase steadily. The community of cablecasters is consolidating actively. The extensive period of the cablecasting development gave place to the intensive one which is characterized by tough competition between cablecasting companies and between different broadband technologies.

All this brings certain optimism especially when facing the problems of the market of cable TV and those of the multiservice network.

The II International conference “Paid Services in the Multiservice Network Systems” will become a significant industry event in the process of development of the segment.

The following questions will be discussed at the conference:

  • The business strategies and business-models for the multiservice networks.
    The business-models for the small-size cable business. There are thousands of cable companies in Russia which have no future in the market, as they could neither be sold nor bought. The Association of Cable TV of Russia decided to support them in overcoming difficulties and minimizing losses. One of the variants is a kind of “cable let-off” that implies the simplified process of legalization of cable network which were built and exploited without special licenses (nowadays they would need about 30 permitting documents).
  • The business-technologies (CAS, billing etc.).
    The real business starts along with the organization of the effective system of conventional access, billing-systems and tariffing. The role of cryptooperation and encoding in the paid multiservice network systems could not be overestimated. If you are unable to protect your content you have got no business. From the other hand if you do not know how to gather payments and manage this process, including financial streams, tariff scale, you will not be able to organize business in a proper way.
  • Content as the base of the operator’s business.
    The cooperation of the cablecasters with the providers of content and the content-aggregators, as well as the cooperation with Russian and foreign right-managers, is the major and also one of the most expensive problems of the nearest future. There is a need for the special corporate structure that would provide the cablecasters with information and support concerning their rights.
  • Laws and licensing concerning cablecasters.
    There are licenses issued but sometimes the law is broken. As a result almost every act of purchase and sale might be counted as an outlaw act. In order to protect cablecasting companies it is important to make the licensing process more transparent.
  • Management/business administration.
    In reality business administration is the weak link of the whole sector. It is possible to buy any technology, but as far as adopted content and business-models are concerned they sometimes do not work on the Russian market. That is due to the complexity of organization of the Russian market. There is a need for generating our own solutions that would be neither a total copy of foreign models nor a ridiculous self-invention.
  • The problems of attracting new investments. With a goal to vary and enrich the program exhibiting opportunities will be provided. Various companies – buyers, content providers, manufacturers - will be able to showcase their products, content, equipment, systems for content-protection, and equipment for multiservice networks.

    During the conference there will be a market research held to analyze an attitude of the multiservice network companies towards the development of the segment, to learn more about the models and systems applied in this particular field.

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